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Melissa Nelson Named President Publicis Seattle

Pedigree Includes Leading Marquee T-Mobile business, Global High-Profile Brands and Award-Winning Work

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SEATTLE, WA (August 31, 2016) – Melissa Nelson has been named to the new position of President, Publicis Seattle, reporting directly to Publicis Worldwide North America CEO Andrew Bruce. Nelson was named Executive Vice President & Managing Partner for the marquee T-Mobile business in December 2015. As President, she will continue to be the most senior lead on the business in the Seattle office.

“Melissa’s leadership on T-Mobile and her passion for their brand and business will be enriched in her new post,” shared Andrew Bruce. “Additionally, now her expertise and leadership will extend to all clients and the talented individuals who fuel our agency here in Seattle.”

Publicis Seattle is one of the top advertising agencies in the market. The agency is privileged to work with T-Mobile and a range of clients including Visit Seattle, KEXP and the Special Olympics, among others.

Immediately prior to joining Publicis Seattle, Nelson led the global Motorola business as Group Account Director at Droga5 in New York. Her pedigree includes helping to build and manage teams creating award-winning work for Target, Chevrolet and HP — all complex pieces of business, with massive scale. Nelson’s career also includes top account management positions at 72andSunny in Los Angeles and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners in San Francisco

Nelson stated, “Diving into and leading the T-Mobile business has been a phenomenal experience. It is an amazing brand, with a really strong POV.

T-Mobile is a brand, and business, which is pivotal not only to the Seattle marketplace, but to our agency. I am proud to continue to partner with T-Mobile and additionally, to now lead, grow and expand Publicis in Seattle.”

About Publicis Worldwide North America:

Publicis North America is the fastest growing regional network within Paris-based Publicis Worldwide. A new era agency network, Publicis North America embraces the worldwide mission ‘To Lead The Change’, partnering with our clients in creative cross-channel communications and innovative digital technologies. Publicis New York is the flagship office for the network, with full-service offices in Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Toronto, Montréal, Calgary and Windsor. Publicis Worldwide is a part of Publicis Groupe.

Publicis Worldwide Announced as Lead Agency for Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Publicis Groupe win led by Publicis New York in collaboration with DigitasLBi, Razorfish, and OptiMedia

August 23, 2016 — New York — Today, Publicis Worldwide announced that it has been appointed as lead marketing agency for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (NYSE: HPE). Publicis Groupe agencies DigitasLBi and Optimedia were also named to the brand’s roster and together will serve as the brand’s strategic marketing partners. Razorfish will continue leading HPE’s website efforts.

“HPE competes in challenging and transformative markets,” said Henry Gomez, Executive VP and CMO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “We needed enhanced capabilities, particularly in digital marketing, and after a search felt that Publicis had the best set of assets across the board. We are looking forward to this journey ahead.”

Begun as a creative AOR review, HPE recognized the transformational capabilities and the Power of One of Publicis Groupe, which resulted in a fully integrated, end-to-end relationship that includes brand strategy and creative, TV, digital, social, lead generation, media, site, mobile, data science and experiential.

“Publicis united its best-in-class agencies and capabilities to provide HPE with a solution that helps them strategically navigate the future of the IT industry,” said Andrew Bruce, CEO, Publicis North America. “Our new, proven approach offers end-to-end solutions for clients to help them break through in ways agencies haven’t done before. We’re proud to partner such an innovative, category-changing brand like HPE.”

“Technology is one of the most fascinating and complicated industries, as the technology and customer base is continually evolving. So category-defying thinking, technology and creative is necessary,” said Dawn Winchester, Chief Digital Officer, Publicis New York. “The journey to reach and bond with IT decision makers has radically changed as there is so much commercialization within the industry. We’re looking forward to using our tools, talents, and strategic thinking to create a suite of work that transforms HPE’s business and expands their global footprint.”

This is the third win led by Publicis Worldwide and New York’s recently appointed leadership team including Publicis New York CEO Carla Serrano, CDO Dawn Winchester and CCO Andy Bird, along with Publicis Worldwide CSO Mick McCabe.

What I Learned About Advertising in 8 Weeks

End of Internship_crop

On Friday we said goodbye to a fantastic crew of summer interns. To mark the end of their time with us, we asked some of them to share what they learned about advertising in their 8 weeks with Publicis.

Feedback is king.

Everyone has something they can and should bring to the table. I’ve learned, though, that the real brilliance in advertising sparks not from just one dynamic person, but rather from the way a whole team picks at and pokes holes in an idea until it’s solid. Brainstorming as a group, bouncing thoughts off of colleagues and mentors, and seeking out as much feedback as possible – these were the things that taught me the most. Feedback is the best way to learn how to digest different perspectives, find a common thread, and get to the core of a concept. It’s the best way to find what it is that you can and should bring to the table.

– Sanjana Sekhar


Feedback is great, but go with your gut.

There are a lot of smart people at this company who you should be getting feedback from, however, don’t be afraid to not use their feedback. If someone offers you feedback and you don’t agree with it, you don’t have to implement their feedback in your idea. Trust yourself! Everyone will always have feedback. People will always have a slight issue with your idea. No idea is ever perfect. Take every ounce of feedback you get with a grain of salt and ultimately go with your gut. It’s your idea after all.

– Benjamin Stops


Working with a team can be challenging but there is so much to learn from others.

This summer is one of the first times in my life I was assigned to execute such a detailed and important project with a group of 9. As someone who is used to working alone, clicking away on Photoshop or screenprinting with ink running down my clothes, the thought of this scared me a little. When working in a group this size there will be many personalities and different priorities, but ultimately a plethora of incredible ideas. I was more overwhelmed everyday by the informative research & creative ideas my team came up with than any problems we ever had. Being taken aback everyday by the beautiful minds of the people I was given the chance to work with was definitely a positive attribute in my daily life at Publicis.

– Christie Childers


Be prepared to strap into a rollercoaster with the workload.  

Throughout the course of 8 weeks I found that my workload has been more inconsistent than my Pokemon GO connection.  Coming in thinking I would be working from 9am to 5pm, I soon found that 5pm really meant anywhere between 3pm and 10pm.  Some days I would be watching the clock tick at the coffee bar, and other days I would find myself downing my coffee to rush off to a meeting (another lesson learned: make sure the barista knows your order by the end of week one).  Although staying one night until 10pm doesn’t sound amazing, being at the office late with my intern team was actually one of my favorite experiences at the office. We were all there because we wanted to be there – we were excited to work and genuinely enjoyed each others company through the long hours.

– Julia Caffrey


Get to know someone else’s superiors.

In any new situation it’s always important to figure out just whose DM’s you might want to slide into… or in this case, whose email chains. To me, making connections with creatives and superiors who I admire has always been a rewarding venture even if I don’t report to those people directly. The most stimulating part of this internship experience has been the culmination of creative and competitive spirits that my teammates and I shared on our intern project as well as the various projects my luscious (her requested adjective) Art Director and I have collaborated on with some very talented, brilliant, and wickedly stylish Citi team members.

– Mason Douglass