Interning at Publicis: Learning the Trade

presentationskillsPublicis New York’s summer internships offer talented students a chance to get hands-on experience in advertising and create their own digital campaign that they’ll pitch directly to the client. This year, they’re tasked with creating a digital-first campaign for Red Lobster. To help interns prepare for this unique experience, leaders within the agency offer their expertise by hosting learning sessions on their areas of expertise. By the end of their program, interns will not only have a fully realized campaign to share, but also a real-world education in the advertising industry that will serve them in their future careers.

Research and Analytics

Before you can create a successful campaign, you have to do your homework, so three members of our analytics team offered a tutorial in some of their most trusted research tools which help to find a target audience and determine their buying and lifestyle habits, as well as the magazines they read, the TV shows they watch, and the websites they visit. Once they gathered vital audience insights, strategy and analytics interns were able to identify a target customer and develop a strategy for reaching that customer.


Each team also needed to understand how their target customer discovers products and brands, so Director of Search Ben Royce offered an introduction to search and how search data can be used to develop a digital strategy. All students from the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Internship Program (MAIP) who are interning at various agencies in New York this summer were invited to join the presentation and share in an in-depth discussion of the importance of search in advertising.

Technology and Experience Design

Each team’s project is digitally-focused, so an understanding of the technology they can employ and how to create a good user experience was integral to crafting their campaigns. Associate Creative Technology Director Wojo Wieronski and User Experience Designer Nidhi Malhotra presented a primer on how engage users on various platforms with seamless experience design.

Presentation skills

To help prepare each team to present their projects to the client, Chief Marketing Officer Julie Levin offered tips on effective pitching. While good presentation skills are universal, persuading a potential client requires an especially strong understanding of your audience and their priorities, and the ability to sell an idea with confidence.

jennifer1[1]Jennifer Francis is an intern with our analytics team this summer. She’s a student at Carnegie Mellon University, graduating next year with a BS in Psychology. In the past, she’s interned in digital marketing with an e-commerce startup in Pittsburgh and she plans to find a role in strategic research at an advertising agency after graduation.


What is your role on your team?
Strategy, and within that, analytics. I helped to create a strategy that the creatives could work from. I also am helping to create a media and measurement plan for the campaign.

Which learning session was most valuable to you?
The Analytics and Search session. I learned a lot, plus the presenter, Ben Royce, was great at keeping your attention. Search can be a dry topic sometimes, but he made it sound exciting and interesting.

How have the learning sessions helped you with your client project?
They have helped me look at problems in different ways, and also introduced me to resources that could be helpful.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?
Definitely working as a unified team. We all have different ideas, want to be heard, and have different talents. I learned a lot about communicating effectively in a group.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten at Publicis so far?
Something one of our mentors told me was that I shouldn’t be afraid to reach out and ask people things—the worst that could happen is that they say ‘no’.


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