Interning at Publicis: The Brief

new york internsEvery summer, Publicis invites talented students in business, marketing and other fields to get hands-on experience with agency life in our New York City offices. This summer we’ll be following our 2015 class of interns through their program as they learn the ropes of advertising.

The Publicis New York intern program provides the opportunity for interns to tackle a real-world project for one of the agency’s clients. This year, they’ve been tasked with creating a digital/social campaign for casual dining restaurant Red Lobster.

During their first week they got a full briefing on the brand, including the company’s history and top competitors in the category, as well as primary business goals. They also learned about the demographics of Red Lobster’s key customers and target audience. Armed with a full understanding of the client’s priorities and the ecosystem surrounding the brand, each team of interns will plan a creative digital campaign for the brand that they will present directly to the client at the end of the program—a unique opportunity that provides true hands-on experience in the field.

Each week during the program the intern class will also benefit from a session with the agency’s experts in various advertising disciplines—including social media, brand planning, technology and user experience, analytics and search, as well as coaching in presentation skills. Each session will help them create and communicate a fully realized campaign.

10509516_10152796484392762_7682673543454387163_nLibby Devonshire, one of this year’s interns, is a Brooklyn native and a junior at the University of Richmond where she majors in business administration, with concentrations in marketing and management. This summer she’s working with the Publicis New York’s New Business team and sharpening her account management skills.

What will your role be on your team?
I will be working on account management for the team generally, but we haven’t discussed more specific roles yet.

Which part of the project are you most excited about?
I’m most excited to pitch the final work to the client and get their feedback. That is a unique experience for an intern.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?
Working together to finish everything before the deadline.

What’s the best advice you’ve gotten so far?
Our project manager told us to each find our strengths, and we may butt heads sometimes but it will ultimately better the team and produce a better result.

The first session for this class of interns will focus on research tools and resources, hosted by three members of our analytics team.

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