Interning at Publicis: The Pitch

group photoEach year, Publicis New York offers summer internships to give talented students hands-on experience in advertising and the opportunity to create their own campaign. At the end of the program, each team of interns gets to pitch their campaign directly to the client, a unique and valuable experience for aspiring creative, strategists and account managers.

This year, they were tasked with creating a digital campaign for Publicis client Red Lobster. First, they got a full creative briefing on the brand, including the company’s history and competitors, the company’s primary business goals and the demographics of its key customers and target audience. Then they got to hone their skills by learning directly from some of Publicis’ experts in marketing, analytics, search and experience design.

Over the course of several weeks, each team developed a strategy and a creative concept for their campaign, which they rounded out with compelling copy and design. Each member was able to use the knowledge they gained from working with their department at Publicis to contribute an expertise to the team, whether in account management, strategy, analytics, experience design or creative.

Then, at the end of the program, all three teams were ready to share their work with a panel of judges including Red Lobster’s SVP of Marketing, Mark Gilley, and representatives from the Red Lobster team at Publicis. Pitching to client can be nerve wracking even for seasoned professionals, but every team eloquently presented a campaign that stayed true to the brand while introducing creative new ways to engage Red Lobster’s core audience and appeal to new audiences, whether through innovative digital content or clever in-store activations.

Ultimately, the campaign created by Niki Warden, Ellen Granoff, Matthew Powers, Charlie Curnow, Sinping Ku, Luisa Contaifer, Kim Rachel Azogui and Marge Javier was selected as the winner, but the judges praised all three teams for developing exceptional strategic and creative ideas that directly addressed the company’s business goals.


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