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Bienvenue To Our Publicis Summer Interns!

You’ve seen every season of Mad Men but it’s only left you wondering: what is it like to work at a modern day advertising agency? Over the course of 9 weeks this summer, 26 bright-eyed interns from across the country will be joining the Publicis family to learn all about what we do in the ad industry.

These shining talents are assigned to departments and brands throughout the company. At the frontlines of our agency, they will learn everything from what a day in the life of a producer looks like to the intricacies of data science and search. At the end of the summer, they’ll show off everything they’ve learned by putting together and pitching a complete campaign to both clients and senior executives from the Publicis team.

Two weeks before our group of interns joined us, we asked them to start thinking about one of the basic building blocks of our industry: understanding and building a brand. To help them think about what it means to brand a client, we asked them to create 90 second branding videos for themselves that told us quickly and concisely who they are in both broad strokes and subtle nuances.

Here are a few of the fantastic results we got:






Stay tuned for more updates from our interns this summer!